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This blog has been a work in progress and I have been working hard to promote the blog and increase shark awareness here on the Intranet. I hope that anyone who views my book blog might want to check out my shark blog as well. Here is the link:

What is the blog all about? A shark mine of information on provoked and unprovoked attacks in the last 50 years. A collection of all information about the “fearsome” but actually shy animal. A blog organized from various websites for quick reference. This is the only shark website you will ever need or go to!

I look forward to getting positive feedbacks and reviews from everyone!!!
To my family and friends, need your help people!

Dino Abbruzzese

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Now that I have properly introduced myself to the readers of this blog I can now enjoy talking about anything under the sun!

My girlfriend and I want to rent a boat or charter a yacht. We are on our holiday in Southeast Asia. I think the best place is in Subic, Philippines am I correct? I wanted to post this in order to get the best information possible. I want to get as much information as I can about yachts for sale or for rent from the best people, where else but by blogging right? I have found that this part of information in the internet is quite useful because I have gotten a lot of information about sea travels from water sports blogging. I just wanted to be sure and be secure of my choices, before me and my love would empty our pockets. We need to make sure that we have the best information. I do not wish to demean people of any race or color, but I guess in any part of the world, there are people who lie, cheat, steal, resort to being a thief in order to get a buck and be dishonest due to poverty. I would like to avoid these people. I want to conduct business and pleasure outside of the country honestly.

I was born in Italy and we are sea-faring and sea-loving people. So is my girlfriend. This is the best time for us in this region to sight-see and go the the beaches and whale-watch and enjoy ourselves. I would like to know if anybody here knows where we can rent a boat? Last 2008 our crew went to the South of France and the place is great for enjoying the sun, the sea, the food, music, culture, yachting and looking to have fun overmarine. There were yachts everywhere, portosole, the same as in San Remo. There’s motor yachting, some boats were made entirely of wood. Wow! very expensive. We had a broker, a yacht broker helped us. We are open to feedback and suggestions my friends! M/Y

We are more than happy to get any feedback that you can provide, even if not in the Philippines, where in Southeast Asia? We are currently in Vietnam, going to Manila in a few days. We would like to know any infomation including how much if there is a crew needed for their services. Or would you rather it is just us to save costs??

I am hoping that there are people here who can help me… us.  Thanks a lot!!!

What’s a and What’s in a Book Review? By Dino Abbruzzese

Book reviews nowadays are not the same as before.

Book reviews in the “old school” days shows us a glimpse of what the story is, gives a lot of opinions about what the author is saying in some chapter of the book and the book reviewers would point a necessary key part in the story and then proceed with going the down the list of what the reviewer think the the author is saying.

Nowadays, James Woods was quoted as saying, “Awards are the new reviews”, this is like subtly persuading the readers about these low percentage number of books being here, here is what the country is talking about– so read them so you won’t be out of the loop. Awards for the hard bound literature, it seems, are no longer given to really good books, but what’s popular, what’s in and what are people talking about in the current day.

Shouldn’t we be discussing about what the story is about (content) and how does it relate to the author who created it. What was his inspiration? Style of writing? Review the book on it’s merit. I wish some book reviews are the “old school” ones. To evaluate the book based on content, writing style and merit based on the evaluator’s personal taste.

So to help book-reviews-wannabe’s here are my two cents in breaking down what’s in a book review:

1. Pick your poison:

Reflection upon the self. What do you like? What do you wanna write about? What you are, what you like and what you read is what will normally come into conversations. This will reflect on books you will read. You are what you choose. Self-explanatory. Moving on…

2. Write away! Right Away!

Start writing. It’s better to just write your first draft without thinking but with feeling. The words will come out of you naturally without inhibitions. The thinking, the organizing, the outlining will come out later. This is also a good attitude to remember if you wanna write an article or blogs.

3. Quotable Quotes:

Know when to do it and recognize the person who said it. This is understandable. Next…

4. Organize:

Know your basics — your introduction, body, conclusion

5. Quality Check:

This is getting feedback from people. You need people to come to your site, read your blog and get them to comment. For your improvement!

Hello Friends!

I am happy to say that my first review was already published in and here is the more shorter link hahahaha!

by Elizabeth Gilbert Book Review.

My posted book review at About.Com‘s Bestseller Book site will not be shown in three days time, so in the meantime, I’d like to post it now here, since this is my blog.

Temporary link:

Content as follows:

4 out of 5 Stars – “One of my book suggestions”

“I like it that it’s a light reading, sort of a self help book, with a simple story flow. It makes you want to join in her travels to these places. I myself would like to join her, actually.

It’s a feel good book, and kind of motivational. I agree with the book critic as well.

Read it and enjoy it!”

My name is Dino Abbruzzese and I am here to write about books, books, books! Why I like them, why I read, why I love the written word!

I would like to open the eyes of virtual readers to different books and topics and stories and I want to share my thoughts in the hopes that I could enlighten you in my own little way. I hope you welcome me into your arms like a good friend, read this while smoking or drinking your morning coffee. As a good friend, I can give you tips and I only ask that you be open-minded.

Enjoy my friends!